My Room part 1.4

If I am brave enough to walk the path of my past I will answer so many questions and tear away the disguises worn by others the stood by my side, the truth behind their support, did they hold me steady hold me back or push me aside. I need to allow my blanc page to walk the path of truth. Truth is just a personal version of circumstance and is made to order and alteration.

         Allow my mind to be the blank page I can fill with everything, so many things I want to tell, how much time do I have before someone finds me and makes me leave, or will they lock the door not knowing I’m here, or worse would they turn off the light and take away the blank page. My once blanc page is full, everything that was there in the dark and light is recorded, is it there for me to remember, there for others to read, will anyone ever read it, is it a sign left for others to see cleverly disguised as just another rant to overlook.

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